July 02, 2009

Z is for Zellweger Renee': Miss Potter!

another rainy, cold, damp day here in michigan. much like weather across the pond. with all of my gardens in beautiful shades of green, rabbits chasing each other through my yard, toads jumping about and birds happily singing...i thought a trip to blockbuster to rent the dvd miss potter, would be a perfect afternoon... my boys were elsewhere. the movie was beautiful. anything to do with the countryside in england holds my interest and pulls me away from reality. the movie does have a handful in inaccuracies. and, i giggled out loud-all by my lonesome, at the many scenes where Beatrix, a 32 year old woman, still under her parents tight supervision...had to trapes around with an old guardian woman. weird and a little sick, in my opinion. aside from that... it was a fascinating story. and, i would gladly see it again. smile, wink, nod.


Michele said...

I loved this movie!

jamie said...

I have so been wanting to see that movie! Thanks for the review. And your garden sounds like it is doing fabulous! I hope your peas did well. :-)

Lisa said...

I really liked that movie too!