July 01, 2009

Y is for a very yummy summer dessert!

tonight finds me married to a 49 year old man!

instead of birthday cake, i made brad's favorite pistachio pudding! i mixed a handful of blueberries in, topped it with cool-whip and sprinkled more berries on top! it was just enough sweetness.. and didn't leave us feeling heavy and bogged down with cake and ice cream.

things i did on this very chilly, dark and rainy day:

wore a sweatshirt
had heat on in the car
treadmill 30 minutes
2 miles
watched sheppard smith
made homemade croutons
from old bread i had
picked a variety of herbs
picked snow peas
shuffled through walmart
shopped for brad's birthday gifts
dropped off a bag at goodwill
shopped at goodwill
bought 3 vintage plates
shopped at joann fabrics
bought orange paint
bought supplies for a new craft
shot tommie's new air soft machine gun
pork chops and corn on the cob on the grill
cleaned my closet
was a disaster
now an organized disaster
discussed communism
and the cold war with tommie
and fidel castro
looked for freebies on the internet
found zero
made homemade fabric softener

time for me to surf the blogs i've listed on my sidebar! see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Molly Green said...

This dessert looks absolutely scrumptious!

Thanks for what you said about Econobusters. It truly means alot!