July 04, 2009

the fourth and political wonderings?

the fourth, 2009:

we celebrated on the third
nice family bbq at my mom's cottage
my mom makes the best potato salad in the whole world(one of those recipes her mom passed down to her... with no recipe... it's an eyeball this and that thing!)
watched fireworks over the lake on her pontoon boat
first time ever, we were in long johns and winter coats, celebrating our Independence.. hence again, so much for global warming in michigan.
the boys went to a local bump and run show
i learned a new and exciting craft from my mom (i can't wait to share it with you... you'll flip over it!)

things I'm wondering about on this early 4th:

wondering what sarah palin's motive is?
wondering if hawaii will exist after today?
wondering why micheal jackson used diprovan? instead of just simply sleep, by tylenol?
wondering and concerned about the cap and trade program?

i'd love to hear what your fourth of july plans were and your political thoughts. leave a comment and i'll comment back! smile, wink, nod.

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