July 05, 2009

Lily the Twig Person!

yesterday, saturday morning left tommie and i running in really slow motion... we had a late night of family fun, fireworks and way too much potato salad... i took advantage of our laziness, popped in a movie and gathered up supplies to make "lily the twig person!" the movie, "are we done, yet?" was a cute little comedy...and preteen friendly.

this craft is about as cheap as you can get! i sure wish my pictures weren't so cloudy! how about if i list what i used:

scraps of wool for the face
vintage baby buttons for the eyes
ivory colored thread
a dried allium
no glue (all tied and sewn)

the movie was 90 minutes long... and i was finished in less time then that.

the sky's the limit on what nature treasures you could use!

i plan to make a family of these and maybe a dog?

time for me to say good-bye for now and head over to our happy, up-lifting church! i can't wait!


Holly said...

Ahhh Lily is a very cute twig person!

jamie said...

Very cute! She just looks like a Lily. :-)

MICHELE said...

thanks holl and jamie! she was fun to make!


Sallie Dee said...

Mollie and I will definitely be making these cuties! Thanks for the idea!

MICHELE said...

Hi Sallie!
I miss you and Mollie!