July 07, 2009

recycled garden craft and a few good freebies!

monday morning, found me swatting mosquitoes, picking snow peas (jamie...they're doing swell!), picking green beans and finger sized zucchini in our slow-growing garden!
i also pulled out the clean tin cans i've been saving. dug around for shabby chic colored paints and crudely painted them with one swipe of paint. they dried in no time at all. i stuck sprigs of mint in them and lined them up on the patio.
in the fall, i plan to arrange bouquets of my homegrown zinnias and wildflowers, in the tin cans and sell them in our mini-vegetable roadside stand.
now, how about some fun freebie's? sometimes i get freebies and think... i'll never use this.. if you find yourself doing that... donate it to your church! our church, like most, has those little grooming baskets on the bathroom counter... just toss your sample in there and bless someone! smile, wink, nod!
i'll be putting kid-friendly freebie's up on my twisted education blog, in a few minutes... so click over... look on my sidebar...you'll find my link. see you there!

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