July 08, 2009

UNDER $7.00

garage sale finds:
table and chairs $5.
ikea silver bowl .50 cents
leather shoes .25 cents
the tabletop is cement and needs new mosaic tiles or broken dishes stuck in it. this will be a welcome winter project for me. although...it's totally trashy and sweet just the way it is.
on top of the table: i bought a candleholder and vintage plate. total cost: .75 cents. i glued the plate on top of the candleholder and came up with a very inexpensive bird feeder. ..i think it would make an awesome cake plate, too.
also on top of the table: a milk glass vase. .25 cents. my mom used to collect this glass when i was a kid.
ikea bowl: i've never been to ikea. i'd like too...but the closest store is a good hour away. plus, i rarely shop retail. imagine my heart rate when i found this! thump, thump, thump! need i tell you... it's my new favorite bowl!
leather shoes: i found them at a church yard sale. they are backless. and, seriously the best, very best shoes i've ever owned. except for the dock-siders i wore in high school. am i dating myself here?
time to shut the lid on this laptop, make a second cup of instant microwaved coffee and start the day!


Holly said...

What great finds!!! Love the table I would have scooped that up too.

Hey do you still need a liquid measuring cup if so I've got one for you... I'll be in town for a little while tonight and I can drop it off... my email is having problems so I'll just take my chances of your home or not!

MICHELE said...

YES I do, Holly!
Thanks a bunch!

jamie said...

Wow, great stuff! Those shoes look so comfortable. How fun to look forward to fixing up the little table this winter, too!
Wishing you blessings today!

~Byn There said...

I want to come tile with you!!

Lisa said...

The shoes look comfy and are classy looking too. I have a chipped pink and white plate for you that I picked up someplace for free.

MICHELE said...

Thanks Lisa... I can't wait to add it to my collection!

Jamie... I think it will be a fun winter project, too!