July 10, 2009

shabby chic rug hooking!

Look what I've learned how to do! My mom taught me how to rug hook...the new england primitive style! She's been hooking 9 years and travels around to different rug hooking classes and schools. And, her work is really the best of the best... and I'm not just saying that because she's "mom!" her rugs are much richer in color... to go with her decor. but, my house is a little more shabby. hence, the whimsical colors.

over the fourth of july, she taught me how to draw patterns...the pattern i did is just a free hand doodle i did. she also shared her wool (below) with me. and taught me how to hook away! originally, i was going to make a pillow... but instead, i'm going to use this as a chair pad!

different textures really, really appealed to me... budget friendly! above: i used an old green tee shirt i had, the peach is a gingham cotton dress i bought and never wore and the yellow is raffia. thanks mom! i'm loving my new craft!


Anonymous said...

O.K. now! You are really passing me up in the crafts department! This rug hooking really appeals to me! Beautiful! We miss you guys too. Mollie will be going to Upland Hills again this year. I guess the next best thing to home schooling!

MICHELE said...

Sallie... there is a rug hooking guild that would love to include you!!! And, it's in your village. I was there on Wednesday. It's a fun group of ladies who are overflowing with creative artistic passion...plus, they're humble and nice! Email me and lmk, if you're interested. I'm glad Upland Hills is in Mollie's future...you know how I feel about that atmposphere!!! Exciting!!!


Holly said...

I just love it! You could do just about anything with that rug :)

Lisa said...

Wow, your crafting amazes me, Michele!

Lynn said...

Wow, Michele, that's beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that. You know, we MUST meet some day. You know that, right? :)

You can show me how to make those rugs.