July 11, 2009

Blessings, day one!

"day one"
(what my friends and mom have blessed me with this week!)

looking over my shoulder at the goodness in the world... i've had several days in a row of unexpected blessings! i thought it would be fun to share the nice things in my world and the wonderful people in my little circle!

on tuesday, i was invited to pick currants at my friend rhonda's home. she is the next martha stewart, i swear! and yes, i do swear irl. our visit was too short...but fun and effective and a wonderful summer memory for me! i've never picked currants before.

last winter, she had given me a jar of currant jelly. which brad and i loved. tommie's not a jam or jelly eater. looking at my container full of currants... i knew i'd make a few batches, too. so i did. this has got to be the easiest jelly you could ever make! my sure-gel box didn't have a currant jelly recipe, so i googled. i'll share what i found:

boil the berries until all liquid is out of the skins, strain through a cheese cloth, return 4 cups of juice to pot and add 3 cups of sugar. no need for pectin. the berries have enough natural pectin in them! bring to boil, pour into sterilized jars, skim off foam and seal.

more nice blessings coming in the next few days! how about you, what nice, unexpected thing happened to you this past week?

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Lynn said...

Oh, you did it! It looks wonderful! How DO you get so much done!?! You are a bundle of energy.