July 15, 2009

Daily Blessing...day 4!

"daily blessing day 4"
(things my family and friends blessed me with last week)

since creating my china plate border around the herb bed (see my side bar), i've decided to slowly replace the flowerd plates and replace them with tourist plates...the kind the 1950's vacationers used to collect and be thrilled with. I have several already tucked in my garden.. and, last week i was so surprised when my sister-in-law gave me this...the plate is from pennsylvania.

also during last week, rhonda blessed me with egyptian onion seeds! i had no idea egyptian seeds existed. which reminds me, i have to do a little background check on their history.

the mail lady blessed us with our free can of glidden paint. we received iris-purple. i was impressed with the fast delivery and packaging. i have really no idea what i am going to paint...but it was free. and free is good.

on tap for today:

i made a peach cobbler
tommie has two friends over
i hear hide and seek
and gun noises
3 boys eating ice cream
drumsticks and talking
brad's fertilizing our garden
dentist visits
health department for
my t.b. test results

and who knows what else?


Sallie Dee said...

Hi Michele~ I received my free paint as well! Purple is my favorite too! I chose dewy Iris. Thanks for passing the offer on. Happy purple painting! Sal

Lynn said...

The paint sounds interesting!!! Can't wait to see how you use it! I love the plate. I'm always intrigued by tourist plates. :)

I love your holly hocks!


Lisa said...

The tourist plates are funky-cool!