July 14, 2009

daily blessing ...day 3

(sharing the blessings i've received from friends and family last week!)

my doorbell rang unexpectedly last week... i opened it to find my friend robyn, standing there holding a huge bouquet of lavender! in the past, we've talked about different lavender crafts... i am so very happy she remembered and blessed me with this gift! i decided to make lavender soap balls... (the recipe is at the bottom of this post!)

i put a few springs in empty glass juice jars and put them up on our backporch window sills! it's very simple ... and very sweet. thanks robyn...for making my family and i smile!

Lavender Soap Ball Recipe:

2 bars mild, unscented castile or vegetable-based soap (or the equivalent in odds-and-ends)
1/2 cup dried lavender blossoms (available online from many herb companies)
5 drops essential oil of lavender
1/4 cup warm water

1. Using a cheese grater, grate the soap into a large bowl.
2. Add the lavender blossoms to the grated soap.
3. Add the essential oil to the soap mixture, combining thoroughly.
4. Add the warm water and stir.
5. Roll heaping tablespoons of the mix into balls.
6. Place on a cookie sheet and allow to air-dry completely, which will take approximately 2 days.


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I love the scent of lavender! I'll bet they are just heavenly!


Lisa said...

I was going to say exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) what Penny commented! LOL

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

Somehow I've gotten out of the habit of commenting on people's blogs. I better try harder! LOL