July 16, 2009

daily blessing ... day 5!

daily blessing
day 5
(blessing's i've received from family and friends last week!)

last week, i enjoyed using a gift certificate for a swedish massage... at a day spa! it was a very generous treat from my mom!

this is the historic victorian spa, which treats their clients like queens!

just one of the many rooms, like this above.. is where you sit and fill out health forms, while listening to beautiful victorian music. the smell of lavender fills the air. trays of bakery cookies and tea await you on an antique table. they looked so good, i wanted to take a handful home with me!

this is the massage table i used. i can't even begin to tell you how splendid it felt. being massaged from forehead to fingertip to toes, for one solid hour...with apricot-almond oil, left me feeling disillusioned. out of touch with reality.
afterwards, i stopped at a nearby salvation army and wandered around in a fog. which is how i drove home. in a fog and feeling completely relaxed. i yawned the rest of the day! thanks mom! i loved my afternoon at the spa!
(sallie, i'm so happy you've reconnected with me and my blog! miss you and mollie. and greatful for your comments! thank you!)


~Byn There said...

I recognize this place, isn't it down in Lake Orion? Jealous, but you deserve it. Sounds like a wonderful time. I am jonesing to have a facial slough, get off all the dead skin cells and refresh. Do they do that there too?

Lisa said...

Sounds DIVINE!! I've never had a massage. Can you believe it?

Holly said...

What a wonderful day!