July 17, 2009

friday fun!

friday fill-in's
(my answers are in turquoise!)
1. my blueprint for success includes: investing in a goat farm. not that i have any immediate plans... but, if one would want to have financial freedom during this recession... then i recommend a goat farm. a suburb nearby, has the largest middle eastern population outside of the middle east itself. and, our local stockyard is selling tons of goats for meat. cha-ching!
2. a couple of tootsie rolls from my father-in-law was the last candy i ate!
3. the best facial moisturizer i've used is: advanced night repair and fruition both by estee' lauder. which by the way, i used to sell. and, i did make-overs and facials. my parents owned the only lauder counter in our county, for several years.
4. reading any book by dr. wayne dyer can be good therapy.
5. i'd like to tell you about my upcoming plans... but, i can't just yet. stay tuned.
6. being dependable and humor are my strongest characteristics.
7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to a hot shower and reading and tomorrow i'm not telling you just yet... you'll find out in due time and sunday i'm still not gonna tell you.. just be patient, you'll find out on the 27th.
(i snapped the picture above at my cousin's house!)

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