June 14, 2009

How to find happiness.

J is for.... Jesus, of course! Can you imagine...I found this beautiful piece at Goodwill, in the next town for just $2.? It's very heavy and made well. I think it's beautiful, how about you?
I've been watching people struggling and failing to finding happiness. I see conflict all around. Others belittling another to pump themselves up. Ego's before other's feelings. Intimidation because of personal insecurities. I hear jealousy. I can't escape gossip. I see parents raising their kids with a sharp competitive spirit and over-bearing confidence levels. I see parents and society teaching their kids "to get there's, before someone else does!" I see Christians shunning other denominations. Hate where there should be love. I see Christians blowing up over things..when grace should be granted. And, resentfulness where there should be forgiveness. I witness people doing harmful things to their bodies.... overweight, drinking, smoking and yes... I see drug use. I see excuses for such self destructive behavior being made because "nobody is perfect," or "hey, everyone is a sinner." Or you fill in the blank.
Sinners? Yes, of course we all are. The Bible says so. Should our mortal excuses pardon us or give us permission to quit striving to be Christ-like? Perhaps for some. But, I'm not buying into that. You see, the only true way to happiness and inner peace for me, is... to practice being Christ-like. The acronym WWJD? What would Jesus do? echo's in my head more often then not. Sending kindness instead of being right, choosing love instead of hate, choosing forgiveness instead of anger, granting grace instead of judgement (this is a tough one for me), finding the good in everyone instead of the bad. Eating the burnt piece of toast instead of expecting the best piece.... and not even needing to tell anyone. Expect no validation. Seeing the diamonds in the rough. I urge you...if you are struggling to find happiness or looking for your sparkle... give being "Christ-like" a try! Perhaps I've opened myself up for debate here? Perhaps you disagree. To that I say, instead of biting off my finger...look to where it's pointing. smile, wink, nod and smile again!


jamie said...

Amen. Very well said, and I do agree with you.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I'm one of those fat beer drinkers having a hard time with happiness right now.

MICHELE said...

Thanks Jamie!

Penny.... I adore you and miss you! Hugs!


~Byn There said...

pretty heavy, girlfriend. Right now, I'm just trying to mind my own business, everyone else can be God blessed!

Lisa said...

I love you, Michele! Thank you for the encouraging and challenging words!