June 14, 2009

I is for: I am darn proud of this girl!

Saturday's letter: I


This beautiful baby graduated yesterday! She is my cousin's daughter. I was an only child and so was my cousin Jeff. We grew up together and were raised together...we're the closest thing each other has to a brother-sister relationship. We're still thisclose still today! (In fact, it was through my cousin Jeff that I met my husband Brad.) Meet my cousin's daughter. I had the good fortune of spending quality time and loved her as my own for the first several years (and them some!) of her life.

She's been racing horses since her parents could velcro her to the saddle. Needless to say, she is a spectacular rider!

I admire how her parents raised her. There was no fluff in her life. Life is what it is. Nothing sugar coated. No topic off limits. Her parents laid it all out for her at an early age. I appreciate their honesty. I see now how nothing shocks her. Nor did it ever. I believe because of this and her knowing the raw details of life...she won't be rolled over as much as someone sheltered. I've been taking notes.

Now, if I could only get her to keep coming to my church... life would all come together for her. I have a good feeling she's on the path... she'll get there. I have her seat saved, for that day.

congratulations baby girl!
so proud of you!
we love you like our own!
uncle b, shell and tommie!

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Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous said...

Thanks Shelly! Im happy you guys could come out last night..it was a really good turn out.

Your right when you said my ma and dad don't sugar coat! Im glad they never did..but sometimes I wish they would! But I would probably be alot different.

Oh..by the way..I opened the box Verna and Leon got me..and I love the bathing suit! Too bad Verna grew out of it..next time I see her I will have to wear it when we go to the Rec center! Im surprised Leon gave up his candy..but I forgot hes diabetic! Those dresses were just darling Verna gave up....she always looked just dashing in them sitting her rocking chair holding about 14 cats smelling like cat pee!

Love you lots!