June 15, 2009

K is for.................

knick knacks i found at a junky yard sale...sunday after church:

an old, shabby chic door knob. i have absolutely no use for this. but it was on the .10 cent table. what would you do with it?
i also picked up this old tin pail for a dollar. i flipped it upside down in my shade garden, placed a robin's nest on top (my 2nd dad Tom, gave me the nest! thanks a bunch! love it!) and placed some old chicken eggs inside the nest!

just couldn't resist snatching up this pinky sized vase..which is holding a spring of oregano. and the clear fist sized picture, which is holding a bouquet of chocolate mint! you know something? chocolate mint is a great investment herb. it spreads like wildfire, freezes well and is so fresh and tasty in a cold glass of ice water or tea! Both little knick-knacks came from the .10 cent table, too!

other stuff? lasagna for dinner, worked on homeschool co-op lesson plans, sat in the garden and read my current read: whirlwind...i'm half way through the book and it's just now getting interesting, everything so far has been so predictable-which doesn't challenge me, listening to allison kraus blue grass music (love it. just love it!), finally rubbed on self-tanner, and i'm thirsting to get another sewing project started...but feeling clueless as to what i want to do. walmart free sample came in the mail: face moisturizer.


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

For the doorknob, find a way to hang it up, find some beads to dangle from the bottom. It would make a very pretty suncatcher.


Lisa said...

I sent you a project in email! And I didn't even know you wanted one. lol