June 10, 2009

friends, ferns, flavored vinegars and freebie's!

Today's letter of the day..."F!"

As in....making flavored vinegar with flowers! Just clip a few handfuls of chive flowers, wash them well, pat dry and pack loosely in a jar. I added a bit of garlic, oregano and rosemary...then funneled white wine vinegar into each jar. Sealed the jars and set them in my dark pantry. In a week or so, I'll mix it with good olive oil for garden salads!

F is for FRIENDS! After running a few morning errands today, imagine my surprise when I pulled in and found this little package, sitting on a tray with other kitchen goodies (recipe cards, notepads, etc.) waiting for me by my garage AND all tied up in sweet ivory muslin, tied with a black polka-dotted ribbon! Inside, were fresh eggs! My good friend Rhonda had stopped by and went out of her way with this act of kindness. Which made me smile all day!

F is for transplanting FERNS!
I stopped at a garage sale today... they were selling perennials. Can you believe I don't have a single fern? Well, I do now.

F is for FREEBIE'S!!


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

No, no, don't tell me...you grow the chives in your garden, don't you lol? I'd love to try that flavored vinegar myself!


Lisa said...

I think Freebies is my favorite F!

~Byn There said...

Ooo. I'm inspired, my chives are full of flowers, I have a huge jug of vinegar and some cool glass jars....guess who's making some flavorfuls tomorrow!!! Thanks. Today, is Mom Day, helping her get some projects done at her house, she just got back from the Simonton Cancer Center in California. She said it was excellent.

jamie said...

Flavored vinegars are fun! A little rosemary or oregano is great, too! I so enjoy your alphabet theme. I had a bit of a rough week and reading your blog has been such a spirit lifter. Thanks! :0)