June 09, 2009


E is for eggs! This planter- a lady's head- lives year round in my garden. Growing flowers in it is next to impossible. This Spring, I stuffed a nest full of chicken eggs in it!

E is for embroidery projects! I found this cotton napkin at a yard sale for just a dime and had a good idea of what I could create with it! Below... "a sweet looking cupcake!"

E is for easy-garden-decorating! Just wash out a tin can, drill two holes in the sides, thread twine or raffia through it, fill it with water, pick a handful of wild flowers and hang it from a tree! I plan to make more of these throughout the summer. So easy. So cheap. So recycle-ish. Really cute, too!

E is for another easy felted wool project! Just buy a wool sweater, felt it and stitch it into something of your choice! Making this daisy pillow was a sinch! It took me all of an hour to do... I really, really like quick projects!

Tuesday thought of the day: Life is an occasion...rise to it!


Lisa said...

I want pretty things around me too. You are inspiring me!

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I feel so flippin' uncrafty when I read your blog! You are amazing!!!!