June 08, 2009


Last Friday, I went to a church yard sale! I found a box of vintage-retro plates in a box for $4.75. My friend Holly, originally told me about this idea a couple of years ago...she thought I'd love it- and I do! I was reminded again, when I visited the Shabby Chic May Fair... where I noticed the idea of using vintage plates as a flower bed border. Some of the plates are from the 50's... the "vacation collector's plate!" You know the kind... tacky. From Arizona, New York and Washington D.C. But, I adore them! And, they make my little herb garden quite interesting!

Needless to say, I scooped up the plates, came right home and started planning how I would display them! What I think makes this idea clever is that I've only paid a quarter a plate. Oh sure, anyone can do this if you spend the dough...but to actually find interesting plates at just a quarter a pop.... well, now we're on to something!!

Another cheery decorating idea.... a shallow bowlful of daisy heads floating in green food coloring! The fields and sideroads are alive with these wildflowers.... you can decorate so easily with them! I urge you to pick a bouquet and stick them in a tin can! It will perk you up. That is, if you need perking up. smile, wink, nod.


Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous said...

Well I always look at all the goodies you have on yours and I figured what the heck I'll get one! I have a myspace but that gets old and no one really cares what I do everyday!

Yeah my dad really gets me mad...he looks at the bad in me and the good in Ashley..I don't understand him. Hes lost it..I mean gone off the bridge...we'll have to talk about it one day. Grandma Nellie doesn't like hearing about it because she knows Im right!

I plan on keeping Matt around hes such a helper...Im so proud of him he has a full time job now working at the Country Smoke House in Almont...I mean yeah Steve(owner) is a real prick but Im happy Matt found a good job.

Im goona keep watching you 2!! You have the best ideas!

Love you,

Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous said...

Im glad its not boring either...shes got some really cool ideas shes putting together.

For that side bar thing go for it!

Ill have to look on that website with the horse backgrounds.

And yes I got the note...Lenard would now like to be called "Leon"!!!!lol

Love you