June 11, 2009

Find your sparkle!

G stands for things in my GARDEN! Like this shabby chic scarecrow I made yesterday! I found the form in the attic of our milkhouse... the face and hat were painted in country hues, which I was tired of... so, I pulled out my summer paints and freshened it up! The apron is a precious mint green gingham...and one I picked up last week at a church yard sale for .25 cents. The rest of the clothes came from my closet!

I've never been had much success with growing peas here... no idea why... but this year the seem to be doing swell. I built this twig and twine trellis for them to grow on! The triangle twig trellis, were purchased at a local garden center. I'm really hoping the pea's pop!

Good thought for the day: find your sparkle!
(Jamie, I'm glad you're feeling a bit perkier!)


jamie said...

Thanks! Love your scarecrow...adorable! ;0)

~Byn There said...

Love your scarecrow and love YOU too!