June 06, 2009

B is for..........

B is for: baby birds! Tommie has been tagging along with his Uncle Dave at night...helping with the bee population! While called out last week, to capture a colony from a home who didn't want to spray.... he and his Uncle found this rugged nest with two Mourning Doves inside!

I've never ever saw a baby Mourning Dove! This is pretty special for me!

We're also over-the-moon, because we have a family of brown thrashers nesting in our field. I can't seem to get a snap...they fly too fast! Their song is very unique and no doubt...gives them away! They run around our field like road runners! Very cool! They even have been known to peck and draw blood at animals and humans if you tamper with their nest.

We are landlords now, to a bee box housing (estimated by my brother-in-law) 2,000 bees. This bee box has a home at the back of our property. If I had to make my living as a beekeeper, I'd starve. Understanding the process, is something this blond brain just can't grasp. I try, really I do...but I just don't get it. Brad does, of course. Tommie is darn proud of himself, because he's learning a lot from his Uncle... things that I don't know and can't seem to grasp.

I need to hurry along now, I'm having a garage sale with my mom and need to get over to her home.

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Lisa said...

Hope the garage sale went well!