June 05, 2009


it sure is nice to be back on-line. it was even better to deal with a local computer repair company, who was honest, fast and had wonderful customer service and only charged me $35. instead of the quote of $100. i didn't think i'd enjoy my time away from this 9 year old laptop. but, i did. i almost read an entire book, "the persian pickle club," and i started a .10 embroider sampler. pictures...later.

that said, i've decided to challenge my creative juices and for the next 26 days do an "A-B-C" blog. snapping pictures around my home and in my life that begin with the letter of the day. Hence, the asparagus above and below. up for the challenge on your blog? leave a comment so i can follow you!

on saturday i bought two large bags of asparagus. clipped off the rough edges, washed them really good and stuck them in a freezer bags... i was able to get 15 bags. and, look forward to enjoying them this fall and winter.

allium: bursts of allium are popping up throughout my flower gardens. (above)
sweet annie: if you've never smelled this herb... put it on your to-do list. it's just heavenly. just heavenly.

this morning, i'm extending my hand and inviting al gore to visit my world. it's june 4th and for the second morning in a row, we have had a killer frost here in michigan. i've spent two days in a row at 6 am, in wellingtons and brad's winter coat, in my pajama's and bed head.. in my field, watering the frost from our vegetables. i felt like a modern day caroline ingalls (little house on the prairie). i should complain. but, i won't... the joy in my gardens at this hour was surreal. seems like every bird imaginable was talking to me. the morning dew on my iris and daisies are just beautiful and the sunshine through the apple trees is something you just can't buy. my coffee mug, sitting in the grass, even tasted better. noticing all the lichen on every tree in the yard, made me smile...since lichen is a sign of "good air-little pollution" so, mr. gore, if our world is in a critical state of global warming... i invite you to join me in watering the frost of my celery and swiss chard. brad even has an old barn coat you could wear. and, even if i don't have designer coffee...i do make a pretty mean cup of instant coffee. smile, wink, nod.

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