May 07, 2009


Thursday Thirteen: made vanilla cupcakes, shopped for mother's day, went to home depot they have amazing plants...the foxglove are out of this world, went to goodwill and found a sweater to felt and a couple good educational videos, trudged through fabrics and wondered how the recession is affecting scrapbook sales?, meandered through big lots and was impressed with their garden trellis' and patio umbrellas, sauntered into kohls- love their jewelry- the clothing all looks like maternity, visited our local library, glad i had put lasagna in the crockpot this morning, listed only one thing on ebay, made pink lemonade, enjoyed having a friend's five year old daughter over today...girls are so much different then boys... if your curious to read more, click HERE: TWISTED EDUCATION BLOG


Lisa said...

You had a busy shopping day!

~Byn There said...

Love the pix of your seedlings. Mine aren't up yet... ?
And my snowpeas were bad too.:(
Have you considered square foot gardening for your new plot? Do tell---The Plan.

Lynn said...

Sounds like a great day! I would love to spent a day like that with you! Too bad we are states away.