May 08, 2009

Garden snaps, Freebie and Friday Fill-In!

My flower gardens are at their Spring peek! Here in Michigan...I wait so long to see color, fresh new life-whether it's birds, butterfly's or the smell of familiar old friends: lilacs, lily of the valley, and apple blossoms! I even enjoy my old friends, garlic and chives and prairie violets! The smell of cut catnip made me smile, tonight. And, I spotted two brown thrashers this week.. they're huge brown birds with real long tails, running around the road like road runners.
Here's a fun freebie that I found, I hope it comes! Click here to order one for yourself:
Scroll all the way down... I'll be playing along with the Friday Fill-In meme!

(note: my answers are in black)
apples are to oranges as Toby Keith is to Willie Nelson (I love them both!)
He who leaps into the void, owes no explanation to those who stand around and watch and that's all I have to say about that!
I think I hear a World War 2 movie on The History Channel.
I saw a pair of flip flops with the American flag on them, and giggled to myself when they said made in China. When will it end?
Do what you want to do but, do it with kindness and charisma!
In my childhood neighborhood, a neighbor boy would walk down the street and behind him was a Radio Flyer wagon; in the wagon was a bucket filled with vegetables he had grown in his mother's garden. My mom always bought a lot from him. I think it's a wonderful idea! The kid probably grew up and owns half of Microsoft!
And... as for the weekend, tonight I plan to take a good hot shower and turn in for the night, tomorrow need to package some Ebay stuff up and take it down to the Post Office, maybe go hit some garage sales and Sunday church, yard work and maybe a 10 mile bike ride at a local park, Tommie and I took my mom out today for Mother's Day lunch, since I break out in hives when I have to wait in a crowd and line, and lesson plan.

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Lynn said...

Michele, I love seeing your garden. Very lovely flowers. Doesn't it feel like we just wait forever for spring to arrive!! You are a patient woman!