May 06, 2009

cupcake potholders, a drive thru at Arby's and Wednesday highlights!

In the past 24 hours, I whipped up two more pot holders! I felted a kool-aid colored striped sweater and came up with 6 separate pot holders! 4 left to do. I may decide to just turn the other four into little change purses or gift bags....

I took the dog with me this afternoon, while I ran errands. Tommie was working with his dad. My final stop was here:

At Arby' only... you can get a free fruity iced tea. So, I did. Mandarin Peach!

Other Wednesday highlights? I went to an awesome garage sale up the street. Everything was crazy-cheap! I found: a knee deep package of drawing paper for .50 cents (I'm hoping to teach a Museum Art class this fall at our homeschool co-op...which is why I bought it.), a brand new cookie sheet for a nickle, a stack of bath towels for .50 cents each, gift ribbon a quarter each, a stack of embroidered linens, waiting to be laundered...a dime each. And, a whole bunch of candles for a dime. I bought a new pair of brown flip flops today... just the cheap kind... which now Tommie took ownership to, tacoes for dinner, 2 miles on the treadmill, 100 tummy crunches, bought new socks too at Walmart. So, tell me...have you been garage sailing lately? What are some of your treasures?


Lisa said...

The cupcake potholder is too cute! I wanna learn how to do it. Will you teach me?

Anonymous said...

Yes- are you willing to teach us how to be so creative? I've been crafting too- not so much on the writing. But need to go and work on my blog as well.

Maybe I'll have dh help me figure out how to post pics of my craft!


Lynn said...

I thought I was the only one whose children took over their flip-flips!

Lynn :)