May 31, 2009

mr. obama... you've got nothing on me!

with all the talk of government motors bankruptcy, the nail-biting atmosphere here in michigan, the looming, glooming wonder about the north korean missile attack and kim dae jung's 5 million man army and wondering why obama and michelle had to fly to new york for a night on the town- her... in a knock-out-wow dress on "we the people's" money.. when most blue collar and yes, white collar families around michigan are eating grilled cheese sandwich's and canned fruit cocktail-off brand, i could go on and on. but why?
instead, i'll tell you about the shabby chic may fair, i went to yesterday. it was so very awesome! i know, i'm sounding like a drama queen here.. but, i am serious... i stood there alone shaking my head, hyper ventilating, wiping the drool from my chin and tears of joy from my cheeks. okay..maybe not all that...but the adrenalin rush running thru my veins and my heart rate could definitely be felt.
my mom and her friend shirley called to tell me about it. "drop what you're doing and come!" so, i did. i was happy to be going alone... tommie had the opportunity to spend time on a job site with brad.. where the amish have been hired to build a local horse country. so, that experience for him (and my husband) was also priceless.
okay, back to me and my day.
in between the sprinkles of rain...which only added to the atmosphere, i meandered around and around and around. walking in circles. i hoped nobody noticed. but i think a few people did. the prices were OUT OF THIS WORLD... not high-end at ALL. very, very, very affordable. which made me weep. i wanted to take pictures of everything..not to copy, but to blog...but i didn't. i didn't want to get in trouble.. but, i did take the snap above from my car.
i saw: countless vintage-shabby chic aprons...hanging on lines from tree to tree, i found beat up flower boxes made from old wooden junk and roughed up metal containers, dishes starting at .50 cents, penny rugs, primitive rug hooking, herb gardens, flower pots, vintage books, amazing homemade oriole feeders, banged up trellis's with moon flowers winding their way up, felted wool EVERYTHING, beat up picture frames, kitchen utensils, arbors made from vintage doors, and too much more to mention.
i walked through the event three times. each time seeing something different.
i was over-the-moon to have found sweet annie for $2. each. and came home with a couple of clumps. i stood at the booth, with my eyes crossed smelling the very fragrant smell. i must of looked like a little freak, because when i looked up, a nice looking man said to me, "you must like it."
i also came away with two silver serving utensils..just beautiful, for $2. each.
on the way home, i stopped and bought 14 lbs of asparagus to freeze. $14.
mr. obama and michelle... i bet my day was much better then yours! you see, i've done manhattan, i've done the broadway plays, i've lived it up in the city, i've stood with a bird's eye view at the empire state building,...don't get me wrong... i love new york immensely.
it doesn't hold a candle to the day i had. and, the bbq chicken (free bbq sauce from kraft with my double coupon) with asparagus and homemade potato fries, served with my $2. silver spoon. and, the table conversation about my boys seeing an amish barn being built....
i look down at my hands trying to wrap up this entry..i notice evidence of yesterday's garden dirt under my nails...smiling...i must sign off and head to my red neck church...where nobody cares what you look like..they're just damn glad you're there.
mr. obama...if you want to change america, then i extend my hand to you... and invite you to see how my little world works.
smile, wink, nod.
and the beat goes on.....


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Wonderful post Mich!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you were in heaven for a few minutes!

Lynn said...

Michele, I would love to have wandered that shabby chic sale with you!! Oh my the things you mentioned and I can tell just from that one picture... Wow.