June 01, 2009

daisy cupcakes, summer gift basket and happy vases!

on friday, we celebrated birthday's in our family. i was in charge of bringing the birthday cake. instead, i opted to bake and make lemon cupcakes, topped with real garden daisies from our field... daisies are non-toxic, however...none of us ate them-they were more for an inexpensive, pretty look.

i was happy to make and give "summer themed baskets." i bet you're trying to figure out what's i stuffed in the basket? things like: a new beach towel, 2 summer reading novels, lemonade, orange jell-o, tinted moisturizer, tangerine body lotion, an orange candle, rachel ray's current magazine, birdhouse gourds, homemade felted potholder, lime green polka dotted rubber cleaning gloves, a vintage springtime apron, canning labels, fuze raspberry water, and note cards. you might think i spent a lot.... i did not. most things were free (lemonade, jell-o) and other things i've picked up throughout the year...for very cheap. i'm happy because my family enjoys previously owned stuff! it makes shopping much more fun!

i'm not sure if you remember, but i picked up these apple juice bottles at goodwill... i filled them with water and added food coloring and plunked a daisy in each jar. they're happy sitting on my window sill. and i'm happy when i see them. smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I love your creative ideas!

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

why can't you be in my family????


Dawn said...

I love your basket idea!!

You are so creative.

Lisa said...

Wow, those daisy cupcakes look like a bouquet! Soooo sweet! And the colored water glasses in the windows? I used to do that when I was a preteen. Loved playing with food coloring and seeing the sun shine through the different hues.

Anonymous said...

You are like a down to earth Martha Stewart--what cool ideas you have. I remember the apple jars. And I LOVE the idea for the summer baskets!- Janet M

Lynn said...

Michele, I love the basket. SO pretty and full of things that anyone would love. The jars with the flowers are pretty and I LOVE the daisy cupcakes!!


PS - I hope your computer is better soon!!