May 28, 2009

Shabby chic birthday gifts and party favors!

Check out these party favors I made tonight... they're for a family party I'm attending tomorrow! I took a yellow bandanna from Wal-mart ($1), made 4 batches of Lemon Poppy Seed cookie dough up, wrapped the dough in wax paper and foil and then tied the bandanna around it. The baking instructions are attached to a little homemade card. They are freezable, too!

I had a great time painting up more birdhouse gourds... for birthday presents! I found them unfinished at a local nursery for $4. a piece. So, tell me when is your birthday? And, I'll make one for you! smile, wink, nod.

From the wool sweaters I've been collecting and felting...I made a few crazy potholders up. See why I shop at thrift stores? I'm a cheap gift-giver!

I made the one below, today while at the doctor's office with my father-in-law. I was nominated to go with him to get the test results from his brain scan. My mother-in-law has a difficult time comprehending medical stuff, plus she was frightened to find out the results. And, is very intimidated by the medical world...The scan showed normal activity, no tumors but he has had quite a few mini-strokes and has been put on medication to eliminate future strokes. I'm glad.

I went to Redbox tonight, and we're currently watching Mall Cop. Not my choice...but my boys. It is quite funny... pre-teen humor with adult twists. Brad is making popcorn as we speak.


Lisa said...

Oh wow, those birdhouses are amazing! They look perfect!

~Byn There said...

What kind of paint are you using on the gourds? Exterior? Still waiting for the grand garden update. I may just have to stop by and see for myself one of these days. Be forwarned.....