May 17, 2009

about friday, saturday and sunday, which hasn't really happened yet.

about friday night:

ewww-weeeee! was i pumped up all day! i had planned to go to a "come and learn about couponing, cut grocery bills and other thrifty tips" at our church. with note book in hand, one last look in my rear view mirror, to make sure i didn't have lettuce stuck in my teeth, i skipped into the building. out of 200 emails, only six people showed up. okay, i thought...doesn't matter, because obviously these woman are hard-core clippers! my heart began to beat rapidly. i thought for sure, certainly... these woman were going to teach me things i never knew. the meeting started at 6:30. one lady spoke for about five minutes or so and then had to split. i listened to the other woman complain about their lives, their kids, their in-laws, their co-workers, their childbirths, what kind of butter they like and don't like...complain, complain, complain. my big blue eyes darting from one person to another...thinking what am i doing here? i lied. yes. right there in church. a big fat lie. God forgive me please, but I can't take anymore. i meekly and with much submission in my voice said... "thanks ladies, but i have to go... i told my husband i'd be home by 8." truth is, i don't think they missed me.

about saturday:

awoke early and fixed up to go to the .25 cent store. it's expanded you know. and it even has shopping carts. i found one brand new tee shirt for brad. just a plain old grey v-neck, for work. i stopped at a garage sale. it had a bright neon pink sign, that read huge garage sale. and, it was nice. i bought nothing. i'm thinking the person running it was pretending she had a retail store going on...since everything was overpriced. example: usborne first book of spanish $6. and a pair of used socks for $1. and well, you get the idea. i headed home.

stopped off at mcdonalds for a sweet tea and crispy ranch wrap. spent a good deal of time out in the gardens, transplanting iris' and planting onions.

i read on hot coupon world. com that if you go to and click on coupons, you'll be able to print-off $50. worth. i did. i printed out a ton. i will be saving most of them to use at store that double, since many are a dollar! i also spent a great deal of time on, printing off homemade mixes to make. there is even a link to copy cat recipes, where i printed off arby's bbq sauce.

sunday: my plans for today, church in a few minutes. couponing. harvesting the rhubarb in the picture. i plan to make jam out of it. hope to write more in my children's novel...lots of ideas consuming my mind and taking me to places i've never nose has been pressed against the pages of my research books... and then, back to church for free movie night. smile, wink, nod.


~Byn There said...

Sorry your fellowship wasn't what you anticipated. It happens sometimes. At least you knew to remove yourself from that toxic conversation. Miss you.

Lisa said...

I was in a prayer group like that once. It was quite a downer. I stopped going about halfway through the year when it was clear things weren't going to change.

I MUST go to that 25 cent store. Please take me with you!

And I'd love to take you up on lilacs!

Anonymous said...

-I LOVE rhubarb! have even eaten it plain, just the stalk lol--the 25 cent store sounds so awesome!- Janet M

Anonymous said...

I wanta go too! To the .25 cent store! That sounds like a fun trip. And I wish my lilacs would grow. They are doing terrible here, and I don't know why.