May 19, 2009

earrings, napkin storage, groceries for .56 cents!

how about a picture of my favorite earrings? i wear them everyday! they were a gift from my cousin last Christmas!

since my kitchen is so tiny and my cupboard space is limited... i've been really needing a clever storage spot for our cloth napkins. i found this the other day at a local thrift shop! it matches my house perfectly and it was only $3.

all of this was practically free today at krogers!

2 bottles of kraft salad dressing
2 packs of hot dog buns
4 packs of ballpark franks
2 large bottles of bbq sauce
4 tubs of cool whip
(i would of been able to get 4 jars of lemonade kool-aid, too, for free, but the store was sold out!)

i visited a nearby kroger store, which doubles coupons up to $2., i printed most of them of the, then matched them up to the store flyer- which was offering a 10 for $10. deal.. and viola'- final out of pocket price .56 cents!

love this coupon game! smile, wink, nod!


jamie said...

Maybe they would give you a rain check for the lemonade. At any rate, you made out great! Love the napkin holder...great match for the napkins.

Anonymous said...

You are a coupon queen! you rock- I want to be you if and when I grow up!


Lisa said...

Yes, M is right. You rock!!!

Love the napkin storage. I have a similar basket in my bedroom.