May 14, 2009

Glass jars, cupcakes and lilacs!

Who doesn't love lilacs? And, that first big inhale of the sweet scent....after a really long Michigan winter?

Our lilac "tree" is mammoth! I only wish the color and fragrance would last all summer long!

Take a peak out my patio window.... on the left hand side, you'll see an Oriole! The color is amazing! I also spotted a Ruffed Grouse near the park today! It walks like a chicken, only slower! It has a long neck and a fancy hat!

Tell me.... how do you like my vases on my window sill? Guess what they are? They're glass jars that bacon bits come in! I've been saving them all winter. My intent was to use them for spices... but for today...they hold lilacs. I love decorating cheaply!

While you're here.... how about a cupcake? They melt in your mouth!

Here's how our kitchen table centerpiece will be for the weekend! The vases are used apple juice jars, I picked up at Goodwill. My mom found the round, mint green candles at a yard sale and picked them up for me!

Another shot of my window sill. Gotta love those glass bacon bit vases!

Here's a snap of a Canada goose egg! It keeps me company in my kitchen. It sits on top of an old glass baby food jar!
Now, next time you toss out a glass jar or give it to the recycling center... see what you can do with it and come back here and let me know!
P.S. Wipe the white frosting off your face! smile, wink, nod!


Anonymous said...

I love your stuff. But I have to say that I love that old picture so much more. Love to hear some more about it some time.


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm cupcakes, divine!- Janet M