April 16, 2009

Tea, Movie and Eggs!

Yesterday, I took advantage of our local TEA PARTY in town. It was held on our historical court house lawn. I saw this as an awesome opportunity to expose Tommie to! Events such as this, make the bumpy homeschool days worth it. I am so happy to have the freedom to homeschool...to explain things the way we see it.. instead of a government institution appointed educator, with really liberal views.
There were tons of homeschool families in the crowd... exposing their kids, too. Many, many from our co-op...others distant acquaintances.
If this wasn't an educational opportunity, I don't know what is? The crowd was a mix of blue collar workers, older people, many young mothers with strollers, family people, and even a few radical looking people...who clearly were disgusted with the government. I even wore my tye-dyed tee shirt. But, I didn't hold a sign or yell. There was a reading of The Constitution, talk of freedom, Pledge to the Flag, The National Anthem, a short sermon and prayer, any many, many quotes from Thomas Jefferson. There were local government servants.. who in fact informed us that Michigan's stimulus package money is being spent by our Governor to bail us out of debt... this I didn't know...and the crowed roared with anger. How is that stimulating the current economy and jobless issue? There were several independent speakers...giving their opinions as well. It felt very American. And, so nice to know there are so many like-minded people- who clearly object to what is happening. Not just me and Glenn Beck!
On another note... I have two words to describe the movie we watched last night (thanks to Redbox), SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE.
Strange and Brilliant! I hated the abuse. Even made me sick to my stomach. But, the whole story was incredible. I can't believe things like this... are happening at this very moment in India. Regardless of the Tea Party I attended and how I view our government... we still live in the best country on the planet. EYE-OPENING!
On a softer note... check out my egg people with the grass seed hair! It sure makes washing dishes a little more cheerful with these sweet things smiling up at me!

Have a Happy Thursday!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Cute eggheads lol.

Haven't seen Slumdog yet, but I am more saddened as to what has happened to the two child stars now. From Tinseltown back to horrid poverty... This is why I won't be watching it :(.

Lisa said...

Glad the tea party went well. I was busy having a pity party. I'm sure yours was more fun.