April 17, 2009

Do you ever wonder what a homeschool kid does at recess? Especially, if he's an only child. No neighbors to play with? If so, then read more about it on my Twisted Education blog... (see my sidebar to go over there... my hyperlink doesn't want to work this morning!)

That same mischievous little boy... snuck out into the barn everyday last week after homeschooling and made this huge red birdhouse for me, for Easter! He did everything on it, even designed it, but did not cut the wood- way to dangerous to do alone. Dad helped. I put it next to our stone birdhouse...which already has a next in it... hoping my new birdhouse will attract another family!

Last night, after our dinner of loaded nachos..we set off for a nice hike at a local nature trail. There is nothing better then noticing the world waking up after a long winter. People were playing baseball, dogs were being walked, roller bladers and joggers. Oh, and these pussy willows above, were smiling at the heavens! Happy Friday.


Wee Pip said...

Love the mud photo! It's such a mixed feeling of: "oh, that's so cute, I'm glad he's enjoying himself", and..."oh dear, what a mess to clean up!"

Anonymous said...

What a sweet kids!