April 07, 2009

simple living!

Sunday's newspaper was loaded full of coupons! In case you're a newbie to couponing...do you know the trick is to buy one paper... flip through the inserts and see if there are coupons you use? If so...then head back to the newsstand and purchase several more copies! This past weekend, there were so many coupons on products that we DO use...I bought four copies! And, clipped away! We were completely out of groceries on Sunday...so, I bit the bullet and headed into Meijers (crazy!) to shop. I ended up saving $80.00 with coupons.

I've always and forever wanted one of these see through planters...for viewing roots! On Friday, at our homeschool co-op... one of the members was selling this- new in the box-for just $2.00! I snatched it up! Started brain storming, how I could turn it into something shabby-chic...and remembered my spring paints stashed in my basement! This is how it turned out! (below). I'm growing radishes, onions and carrots. I plan to use this each and every Spring...until I'm 90.

On my nightstand this week, is this terrific book titled, Coloring Outside the Lines. The author addresses answers that I haven't been able to discuss with anyone. Are kids smarter because they've mastered the periodic element chart? Or because they can classify the phylum's of marsupials? Does teaching to the test and testing well, guarantee success or failure? Or should we be teaching our children to be problem solvers? I love how this author thinks. Two thumbs up! If you'd like to read more...just click HERE!

Now....what do you suppose I am doing with this below? Tune in tomorrow! smile, wink, nod!


Lisa said...

That book looks interesting! You can discuss it with me! And how cute is your root starter thingie now!?

Anonymous said...

the book looks very good--
the box looks like a fortune cookie-
Janet M