April 08, 2009

recycled gardening post!

all winter long, i've been saving paper towel and toilet paper tubes! i read a good gardening magazines, where it explained how to recycle them into seedling-starter planters! all you do is cut the tubes into 2 or 3 inch pieces, cut one end about 1/2 inch intervals and fold them up- to create a bottom that looks like the one above!

next you plant your seeds.... i planted peas. i still need to plant poppies, dill and carrots! i also read where you can recycle plastic fruit and vegetable containers like the one below... with the attached lid... this works as a mini greenhouse!

have you seen this movie? tea with mussolini. i found it last week at the .25 cent store. i haven't watched it yet...but it sounds like something our entire family will enjoy.

other stuff? i made chicken enchilada's for the first time, for dinner. they were excellent. everyone liked them! we spotted one sandhill crane in the backyard. taxes are done. 2 miles on the treadmill. baked two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread. had a good hair day...but man oh man, do i need to get some rub on tan on this lily-white face and body. smile-wink-nod.


~Byn There said...

I love that idea for seedlings how cool! I think we should start a new blog called Everything Again that gives people ideas how to reuse items.

Lisa said...

Oh crud, taxes! Yikes! I need to get those done NOW.