April 10, 2009

new blogs and freebies!

i've found a few new favorite blogs on the internet!
they're all artsy, crafty homemaking -type blogs!
i hope you like them as much as i do! i'll soon be adding them to my sidebar!
i'm still doing the freebie thing. about three days a week, i get something in the mail. sort of makes going to the mailbox fun! here are some of my current links... remember, i'm lazy when it comes to this, i refuse to take those lengthy surveys....so i'm only going to post quick and easy -no survey forms... for you.
coupon cabin- lots of printable coupons!
"the picture above is our Easter tree!"


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Easter tree looks lovely - that is quite a collection of rabbits you have there! Have a wonderful Easter.

Lisa said...

I love getting the freebies in the mail too. Thanks for sharing the good ones! I got a free Kashi meal coupon the other day.

Happy Easter!!

MiCo said...

thanks for sharing the blogs you found- i've enjoyed checking them out- and enjoy reading yours, as well!