April 12, 2009

Lily, coupons and party favors!

Look at this beautiful Easter Lily that I received last night, from my second dad! You see my dad passed away about 12 years ago. My mom remarried this wonderful man- excuse me- he's a wonderful gentleman. He has been a God-send and has blessed my family and my mom, in so many ways! We all love him!

I had my in-laws and favorite neighbor over for Easter dinner last night...it wasn't the traditional dinner..but it was what I had on hand...stir-fry chicken, salad and homemade bread. We played the card game 7's and had pineapple upside down cake for dessert. We all had a good time.

Today, we went to an awesome church service and then headed to my aunts for a traditional Easter dinner! It was a beautiful day. Family is everything to me. And, so are my friends. I'd love to hear what you did on your Easter day!

Yesterday, I made up these little Easter favors to give to my aunts, mom and cousins, today! They're white chocolate-oatmeal cookie dough. I rolled them into logs, wrapped them in saran wrap (nice and tight) and then wrapped the Easter cellophane around them...tied them off with ribbon and attached a "how to bake" homemade card to them. I thoroughly enjoy making them....and let me tell you this...THEY'RE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! I got a great deal on Nestle White Chocolate Chips, at Krogers.. 2 for $4... plus a $1.50 off coupon and then another $1.50 off from the Krogers coupon's that you get in the mail.

Speaking of cheap deals... I was able to feed my family of three for .60 each. Walmart had a sale on this salad dressing for $1.58, I had a $1.50 coupon which equals .08 cents for the dressing. Also, went to the day old bread rack and bought our favorite French bread $1.20 and picked up a bag of Asian Salad mix -- on sale for .75. I just love figuring out coupon deals! I really feel like I'm helping with the income.

So tell me what you think of this very retro-shabby chic oil lamp, that I found at Goodwill? I couldn't pass it up... .99 cent special. No chips and in mint condition. I'll enjoy it until my garage sale and then try to flip it for a few more dollars. smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

Pretty flower! I love the way you did the cookie gifts! Adorable! Your bargains always inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! What a cool idea for the cookie gift--- You have a deep imagination and I appreciate that!- Janet M

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! We had pineapple upside down cake for Easter weekend also! It's a perfect spring time dessert!

We spent our Good Friday making tamales w/friends. We made almost 200 pork and chicken poblano tamales. On Easter Sunday we had a traditional meal after church and watched Ben Hur...a perfect Easter in Texas!

Teresa in Texas

~Byn There said...

We had a great Easter, lots of kids, a fun egg hunt, fabulous food, and a good time had by all. Hey! Is that Janet M. Aunt Janet?
Hi! hope you are well and hi to your hip mom too.