April 06, 2009

playing catch-up!

I didn't get to it today...but, tomorrow my plans include putting potting soil in these egg heads and a little bit of fast-growing grass seed! It's something I've done since the homeschool preschool days...and I plan to do this until I'm 90. God-willing.

And, speaking of God... I just have to tell you something He's done in my life! We've had a apartment rental unit empty since December. There was remodeling to be done... and Brad spent a lot of time pampering and fixing up the apartment into a beautiful place! He really worked sooooo hard on it. I felt led to subtly say a little prayer...a prayer for someone to come along and be blessed by his hard work. Someone who would really take care of it and find the place to be a blessing to them. We hung out the sign. We didn't get any calls for a week. I reminded Brad about all that we've learned at the church services and that we should let go and just trust in God. Sunday night, 6 pm...I'm frying up hamburger for taco's and I got a call on it. Handing my spatula over to Brad...I went to show the unit. Long story short.. the person I rented to is a Christian and works in a Christian field. After signing the deal, I mentioned my prayer... and this person too, admitted to praying for three months to find a "good" place to call home... Isn't this just a God-thing?

I recently went to the twenty-five cent store! This isn't the best picture I've ever took, but you get the point... all this for two dollars: 2 Abercrombie tee shirts (we're not a name brand driven family... well, unless you count John Deere stuff), I found a really cute blue tee shirt and 2 solid black scoop neck tees for me. I found a soft blue gingham pillow case- I'll either use it just for the fabric or maybe actually use it for a pillow case!, a pair of cargo blue jean shorts for Tommie, a jello mold that I intend to use as a winter candle holder...just fill with water, freeze, thaw just enough to remove from the container and stick a candle in the middle...

Yesterday, I made sloppy joe spice mix. A double recipe even! If you'd like me to post the recipe... let me know in the comment box!

Here's a picture of the emu egg painting! Tommie learned how to play Rummy at homeschool co-op Friday, and taught us how to play! We love it! It's quick! A new family favorite!
I'm off to my Twisted Education blog... I'll be telling you about The Blessing Box! You'll like this idea! See you over there!


Lisa said...

I love when God works things out like that.

That thrift store sounds like a winner! Maybe I'll have to head up there one day soon.

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

You are amazing.


Wee Pip said...

Congrats on renting the apartment! We've made egg shell people before using natural chicken eggs from chicken-raising relatives:) It's neat to make people with all different skin colors (brown, tan, beige, and blue! LOL). We've never grown plant-hair in it, just glued on yarn. But its a fun project and maybe next time I'll try growing plants:)