March 05, 2009

Thursday Treasures!

Before I forget...I'll share with you some of the cheap, little treasures I found at Goodwill, last Saturday!

I'm still planning on making bird feeder tea cups...I found both of these sets for .29 cents. They're solid white with silver trim...but, I think they'll be fun in one of my colorful flowerbeds, this summer! Plus, the price was right! For now though...they hold two little tea candles on our kitchen table...very uplifting for these cold March days and nights!

In the .20 cent bin at Goodwill..I also scooped up a 3 pack of wooden picture frames.. I'll have Tommie embellish them on a rainy day...perhaps decoupage' or paint or something? I mean for .06 cents- it's a good project to keep on hand!

I also picked up a couple of refridgerator frames. They're whimsical!

Can you ever have too enough gift tissue paper? I use tons of it! So, imagine my delight when I found three packs to keep in my gift wrap drawer! You could of watched me doing the happy dance when I discovered red-polka dotted bolts of ribbon, too! Scooped those up, as well! And, a pack of Heavenly Vanilla lip gloss, for my niece!

What's in the ziplock baggy? Come on back in a little while and I'll tell won't want to miss this homemade recipe mix! Hint: get your flour ready!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

You absolutely *will not* find little goodies like that at the Goodwill here in Oxford. Trust me...


Holly said...

Woo Hoo! The bird feeder tea cups are they going to be like the one I have that's drilled into a rod that you push into the ground or something else??