March 22, 2009

complain, complain, complain.

woke up again with nasty pain in my neck, sides of neck and top of shoulders. this is the fourth day. the pain in unreal. moving like i'm 90 years old. tried to not buy into it. brad and i think it is because of all the needlework, reading and laptopping i've been doing. because when you bend your head down...that's when it hurts. took one excedrin tension headache pill. and, it went away within 20 minutes.
tommie and i headed to rite aide. had a two coupons for dove shampoo. the only kind he'll use. the sale was buy one get one free. had two coupons for a dollar off. making each bottle $2.50 when it was all done. good deal. usually they're $5. a bottle.
went to the bank. drive up. cashed two checks for some books i sold at homeschool co-op.
went to game stop so tommie could get a new war game. i hate gamestop. i've jokingly said that they need chairs or benches for mom's to use. told tommie, i would be bringing folding lawn chair next time. he was mortified! i did, however, bring in my tasha tudor gardening book and stand back at the counter and flip through it. love the pictures. but, she sure was feisty. or maybe it is the author? regardless, i bet no one in the world has ever stood amongst halo games and marveled at tasha's corgi's.
went to meijers. aunt millie's bread was just .99 a loaf. bought two. will freeze one. did the u can scan.
neck and shoulders feeling great. i'm actually cocky now. thinking, whatever this was is gone. even called brad to tell him. just feeling really exhausted. blaming it on homeschool co-op. long day. especially, because it was my turn to help out with cleaning.
came home. folded towels. aunt janet called. we talked about the recession at great length. the banking industry. foreclosures. legal stuff that is happening, that we have no control over. the conversation sounded like the glenn beck show.
went to work on a "roast" i will be giving my uncle, on sunday...for his 80th birthday.
wow. feeling awesome. did i ever have that pain? feeling so good.... decided to get the endorphins fired up on the treadmill. walked two miles. the pain is back! oh, big time. why did i do this?
laid on the couch, watching band of brothers marathon with tommie. regretting that dang treadmill.
a lot. a lot. a lot.
had all to do to make leftovers. and stay chipper and perky. and pretending to be fine. oh, so fine. after dinner, managed to push through it and invite tommie to play a really, super fun card game he learned at co-op called speed. i love this game.
finally told brad in my sweetest michelle dugger voice, that i had enough of the band of brothers ww2 marathon and needed something else on. he suggested we watch the last of the pirates of the caribbean movies that brandi loaned us and make popcorn. which we did. i didn't have any, because i am noticing my belly is getting jiggly.
fell asleep on the couch. only watched about 1/4 of the movie. slept good.
it's sunday morning now..and i awoke with the muscle pain again. will be popping another tension headache pill, heading to church. and staying off the treadmill. smile, wink, nod.
sorry to complain...but i'm just being real.


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Your belly getting jiggly? Sweetie, first you need to get a belly, then it gets jiggly. Geesh...jiggly belly...whatever...:)


~Byn There said...

Are you stretching? Helps release the tensions.....

Lisa said...

Real is good.
Pain is bad.

Pirates of the Caribbean = good.
Band of Brothers = bad.

Church = good.
Pain on Sunday AM = bad.

Selling books at homeschool co-op = good!
Foreclosures = bad.

Your blog = good!

Anonymous said...

keep it real..and michelle duggar screams at her kids. off camera of course. :)- Janet M