March 23, 2009


monday. march 23, 2008

outside my window: sun is setting. clear looking sky. everything is sure grey here, i'm ready to see green.

i am thinking: of decorating for easter, very soon. shopping for seeds. planning this years garden.

from the learning room: teaching multiplication of improper fractions. and, trying to justify the little bit of schooling tommie got done today. he spent the day with my mom. i sat in the emergency room with my in-laws. we think my father-in-law had a mini-stroke. yes lisa, you just met him at my house.

i am thankful for: that my neck and shoulder pain is history.

from the kitchen: zero. well, leftover carry-out applebee's containers.

i am wearing: blue jeans, khaki cable sweater, no jewelry. barely any make-up. it's been a long day in the e.r.

i am reading: still reading the queen's fool.

i am hoping: for a productive homeschool week, this week. i'm giving tommie one full week off next week...his cousins will be coming in from out of state and staying for a whole week!!! he doesn't know this yet. he'd be doing twirly-birds and somersaults all week long!

i am creating: i'm thinking and planning another penny rug...something with an easter theme.

i am hearing: about natasha richardson's funeral. so sad.

around the house: very quiet night. tommie and brad went up to the hospital to visit grandpa/dad. i would of...but, i've been there all day. and, it's kind of a nice father-son-grandpa memory. hot shower coming up. then settling in for the night.

one of my favorite things: well, yeah...besides getting comments? maybelline mascara. noxema. the smell of laundry drying. that second cup of coffee.

a few plans for the rest of the week: hospital visits, scouts, michigan history, family ( with my aunts) fieldtrip on friday, tommie crosses into boy scouting on saturday! big day.


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

My heart goes out to you sweetie. I've been down the stroke road with both my parents and understand how draining it can be. Take care of you and in turn you will be able to take care of him.

Your family and FIL are in my prayers tonight love.

::abrazos y besos::

Lisa said...

Here's a comment! :-) I'm sorry your fil is having medical problems. My prayers are with him!