March 20, 2009

just friday.

Although I am not at all an organized person, truth be known..... anything important is usually scratched on a paper towel or napkin and stuffed in the pocket of my blue jeans...I couldn't stop myself from buying this 3 pack of beautiful file folders at The Dollar Tree. They were tucked low on a shelf in the back of the store. I also found coordinating note cards and ink pens, which are already tucked give as extra gifts to someone!
I've also been fooling around with my new juicy acrylic paints! Remember? I showed you in the previous post? Yesterday, I traced a couple of antique cookie cutters and came up with these gift tags and an Easter card. I did the blanket stitch around the middle card. Safe to say, I have blanket stitch fEVer!
After a BBQ chicken dinner, with baked beans and baked potato's...and a garden salad....last night I pulled out the birdhouse gourds and got started painting on them. I still have a bit to do...detail work, that is. I'll put the pictures up when the project is completed. Have a happy Friday whatever you do... First day of Spring. Love it. How about YOU?

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~Byn There said...

too cute, Mich
How did Busy Bookworms go?