March 27, 2009


The funny thing about homeschooling is, you can legitimately go on adventures and justify the life experiences as some sort of academic or enrichment lesson... you know, to make your child even more "well-rounded." That said, today we visited an Art Gallery. My mom is a member and vice president of The Great Lakes Rug Hooking Guild....and had invited us to view her club's beautiful hand-crafted pieces. Many artist draw their own patterns. My mom dyes most of her own wool, right on top of her stove! This is just one of her pieces:

Both of my favorite little aunts joined in the field trip with Tommie and me... first for cabbage soup and salad at the Big Boy. (showing this picture of my aunt in her PT Cruiser....she is 74 and is in fantastic shape! If you look close, you may see her Mardi Gras beads hanging from her mirror!) She's the type of aunt who zip-lines through South America and tango's her way across Argentina. It's true.)

This is the art gallery!

Meet my aunts! On the left, my Aunt Janet- who found us a church home and is much like my second mother. And, my worldly Aunt Joyce is on the right...the one who is game for everything! They're admiring an Alice in Wonderland piece.

There were many, many more pieces. All beautiful in their own way!

And...what was I thinking? I didn't even get a snap of my mom. It would of been nice to have her standing with one of her designs. Shame on me.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Now I know where you get all your talent!