March 29, 2009

wool scraps and rose hips!

just a quick sunday night note! it's been a pretty productive weekend. tommie crossed over...officially to boy scouts! quite a big step. and we're so very proud of him. i'll post a few pictures soon. today at church, the band played a song by eric clapton. the message, again was phenomenal. it's about stepping out and trusting God in all facets of your life. it was a mesmerizing service. i came home and deep cleaned. the school room. the basement. and every other little nook that i seem to just drop and plop things in. this week, i gave tommie the school week off. his cousins from chicago are in for an entire week! they came in today. the fun's already started. we had pizza and the kids wrestled and giggled and looked at old pictures. and played card games. about the picture above? i've been saving scraps of pearl cotton thread and wool- all season long. for the birds. i had tommie toss them out in the field-- hoping the nesting birds use it for their nests! the picture below? a bouquet of rose hips from our backyard. i just read they are not i may attempt to make rose hip jam or pie. we'll see?


Anonymous said...

I love the bird scraps! I've always enjoyed seeing pieces of stuff in the bird nest! I always loved it when I found my hair in a nest.


Lynn said...

Michele, I made rose hips jelly one year. It was good!