March 25, 2009

birdhouse gourds finished. and redbox first time.

i finished painting my birdhouse gourds!
they turned out better then i expected.
brad drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.
i had him make the entrance holes bluebirds could feel safe!
i just need to shellac them and hang them.
and wait for the new tenants.
here's what they look like from the back.
below: this isn't a pie crust...although it does look like one.
it's my latest penny rug. stay tuned.

today, for the first time...i took advantage of renting dvd's from redbox. on wednesday's throughout march and the first week in april, you can rent dvd's free, with the promotional code. which you can just type into google: redbox promotional code and the date. our local meijers and walmart has the vending machine. i was surprised to see all the current titles. i chose the family movie, "bolt." i may just be designating monday or wednesday nights..."movie nights." we'll soon be under the afghans with our popcorn...enjoying the free movie! hat tip to lisa w., for telling me about this.


Wee Pip said...

I love your gourds! I think I tried a stunt like that as a teen & it ended up rotting...

Lisa said...

The gourds are ADORABLE!!! I am glad you tried redbox. I wish I was closer to it!

Julie said...

Love the gourds! We're huge Redbox fans here. Getting Walgreens deals and a free movie, can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful bird house gourds. You are so crafty! But if i keep feeling better- i may start trying to copy all you wonderful ideas! So keep it up girl!


~Byn There said...

Very cute! You are so artistic lately Michelle you should open up a craft shop!

Lynn said...

I love the gourds! I have some to paint up this year as well! Lynn

Butterfly Garden Freak said...

I think those gourds are so stinking cute! Nice Job!

dongdong said...

What beautiful gourds. I want to do one too. How creative you are!