February 03, 2009

Well.....would ya just take a look at all of the freebie samples that I got in the mail Monday? Like this free sample of ORVILLE REDENBACHER POPCORN! Note: coupon, too!

And, what would life be without this FREE Heinz Ketchup bottle pin? It's pretty useless..since no one I know would actually wear it. Perhaps, I'll stick it in my childhood jewelry box...the one that houses my Mickey Mouse red watch from 1971. And, my very future daughter-in-law can sell it on Ebay... when she's cleaning out my junk...when I'm dead and gone. Now that's a morbid thought, isn't it? whew, can't believe I typed that!

Here's another picture of how cute this useless piece of plastic jewelry is...

I also received my first of twelve FREE COPIES..no strings attached, magazine subscription to SHAPE magazine.

I even received this sample of GOLD BOND soothing lotion and coupon!
I realize a lot of samples don't ever make it... but days like yesterday...when the mother-load arrives in my mailbox, well, it makes me want to click HERE FOR FREE SAMPLES!! and see what's new and free! By the way...this is a very reputable and easy to use website...nothing tricky about it. All legitimate!
Happy Tuesday! Happy Freebing!


Holly said...

can you take the pin off the ketchup bottle and hot glue a magnet on????

Wee Pip said...

I hope you'll wear the ketchup bottle pin to co-op:) It is almost as useful as my oscar meyer weiner-mobile whistle necklace that I wore in high school (yes, I was brave enough to wear it - what a fashion statement! LOL)

Lisa said...

Make the ketchup bottle a prize!

I got the popcorn sample too. Mine was Salt & Pepper flavor. Very spicy. Blech. I won't buy it. lol