February 04, 2009


If it wasn't for the fact, that I went downstairs to the pantry...to fetch a bucket of homemade puppy-chow trail mix....I would of never spotted a pair of BLUEBIRDS, yes BLUEBIRDS...two of them...sitting right outside the basement window! GASP, shriek, INHALE and hold! In my loudest ventriloquist voice, which I often use when I don't want to scare of animals-yet when I want Tommie or Brad to look.... Tommie slowly sauntered downstairs and we both exhaled...YOWZAAAAA...are we seeing what we think we're seeing? We watched the pair take off and land on our telephone wires...confirming their red breast and vibrant blue feathers! You see, we're knee deep in snow. It's 15 degrees out. It's hard-core Michigan weather! And, not only that, but they are pretty rare in the spring and summer... so seeing a pair of these gems in early February...well, gosh darn it...it's just unheard of! I called our area Nature Center...asked the Naturalist if "I was crazy"....he said I wasn't, that there are a few bluebirds around--eating the leftover fruit. He also said the robins never left....for the same reason. FRUIT. Keep your eyes peeled...YOU might spot some, too! smile, wink, nod!

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