February 05, 2009

Coupon Organizing...

This week, we didn't need groceries...other then fresh lettuce and milk. But, I couldn't resist some of the good deals...double and triple dips, that I matched up with newspaper flyer's and my coupons! Last night, I went on a mission...with my little red unorganized coupon organizer (above!)... and a mad-plan!
I made several stops to get these deals.... If it wasn't for the fact that I stopped at the Oriental Nail Salon and if my hair wasn't bleached blond, I would of for sure, felt like a real Proverbs 31 woman! Maybe I could be a "modern day Proverbs 31 woman?" smile-wink-nod!
Okay...let me show you my deals:
5 boxes of Multi-grain cheerio's cereal on sale at Krogers for $1.67 a box, I had 5 coupons for a dollar off a box, then I used a catalina coupon (which is the coupons you get with your receipt), I also stacked a couple of Kroger coupons, which were sent in the mail. END COST: .17 a box.
OCEAN SPRAY Diet Cran-grape juice- $3.97 at Krogers, on sale for $1.98, I had a coupon for a dollar off..END COST: .97 cents.
5 boxes of Fiber One bars at Dollar General. On sale for $2. a box, I had peelies (the coupons that you peel off products you buy in this case, the coupons were on the Cheerio boxes, above), then I had newspaper flyer coupons for .50 off a box. END COST: .50 A BOX.
KLEENEX with lotion: $1. a box at Dollar General. I had coupons for .40 off. END COST: .60 for lotion Kleenex!
At Rite Aid: Covergirl Make-up, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, regular price $9.79 each, I had two coupons for a dollar off, I was able to apply both coupons and get two bottles of foundation for just over $7.

My old coupon organizer, from the Dollar Tree...was driving me crazy! There wasn't enough room and the categories were all mashed together... it was a headache. A real train wreck, each time I used it. I've read how serious couponers use notebooks.. I don't think that's a bad idea...but I just can't see me schlepping through the stores carrying a notebook. So, instead, it occurred to me to get a mini-photo album! My eyes spotted a really nice suede one at Dollar General for $4.

Now would ya just look how organized these babies are! I have tons and tons of room!

Call me simple...but I sure am enjoying this coupon game!


Anonymous said...

I love coupons too and using them at the store..we don't have double coupons in grand rapids :( - Janet

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

My husband finds you utterly fascinating and wants me to enroll in "Michele's School O' Coupons". I do as well. You need to tell me again about that '5' thingy...

Why o why do you have to be absent tomorrow????? Woman!!

Teehee, love you,

p \IiiI

Michelle Cowden said...

I am so amazed! Imagine NOT needing groceries because you're so well stocked up on coupon clipping deals! We are down to next to nothing by the end of the week! I really need to implement your coupon clipping strategies!!! Getting started is a bit intimidating, though...