February 02, 2009


One things for sure..... if I don't workout each day, I get a really bad case of the grumpies! It's written all over my face. In fact, I think I get that SNARLY LOOK!! Plus, I feel like a blow fish. LETHARGIC & LAZY. I need that endorphin rush. I need to know "I at least tried"... I'll be honest here...(not that I'm anything other), I DON'T WORKOUT TO LOSE WEIGHT. I'm sort of over that phase in my life. Oh, sure this extra "doughnut" flab around my waist...that protrudes with the low-rider pants that I wear...sticks out like a red light AND is annoying! I could cover up and layer...but that actually makes me look larger. The truth is, I work out for health reasons. MY HEART-since my cholesterol is high! To help prevent ALL cancers! Just 30-45 minutes or cardio 3 times a week, has proven to reduce your risk of breast cancer by 60%. That really motivates me! I also workout for bone density. Osteoporosis is big in my family.

Even if you don't have a treadmill...I understand that Leslie Sansone can give you a great walking workout on her videos or dvd's. I have to watch t.v. when I workout! Sometimes Oprah. Sometimes Ellen. Sometimes Rachel Ray. Anything, other then the news or a negative program!

It's been awhile since I've pulled out my body ball. But, I recently did. You can do sooooo much with it. I use it for push-up's, leg lifts and tummy exercises....and stretching.

I found Kathy's Smith's Pilates Ab video at Goodwill for .99 cents. It's a welcome change to just ordinary crunches...

So.... what sort of things do you do to keep your energy up and those endorphins soaring? I'd love to hear! I'd love some of your motivation to rub off on me! It helps to know others are out there pushing themselves... smile-wink-nod!

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Lisa said...

I've started doing low impact aerobics several mornings a week.