February 27, 2009

I've been meaning to share my Valentine's Day present that Brad and Tommie gave me! It's this really, really awesome Praise and Worship c.d. It's called, Songs that Changed Church. I really wanted something that would uplift me, longer then flowers. Let me tell you...this CD does just that! It adds tremendous joy during homeschooling. And, it added so much joy today.. which I desperately needed.

My mom also lifted me up today. She knew I needed a boost. So, she buzzed over and brought, bought and taught me how to make penny rugs! I started on this one! I know my stitches aren't perfect..but I think that's what makes it unique.

I'll be adding soft yellow flowers and leaves in the center of the hearts. The pink hearts are actually a felted sweater!

Whoops..the pictures are a little mixed up...below is the beginning! It was such good therapy today! Thanks mom for teaching me this!

I'm excited to share this breakfast cookie recipe with you! I'll be back sometime this weekend to share it with you! Get your peanut butter, oatmeal, cornflakes or rice krispies and soda, flour, sugars and vanillas... ready! You're going to love this one!


Wee Pip said...

Breakfast cookies sound yummy! I love breakfast, there are so many creative choices. Your penny rug is adorable! Your stitches look professional to me (you don't want to know what my stitches would look like).

Anonymous said...

I'll be back for the recipe. I love to bake! And yay for moms and cheering up- your rug is really pretty :)- Janet M

Lisa said...

The rug is cute! And the CD intrigues me.

Holly said...

what a sweet little rug and cookies for breakfast YUM!