February 28, 2009


Today, I made homemade fabric softener! I've been wanting to do this for quite some time! I needed material...so I ran into Goodwill and found a brand new thermal baby blanket..a really pretty periwinkle blue, for $1.99. I came home, washed it and then went to town, cutting it up into strips, similar to a fabric sheet!
Oh, sure...I could of used ugly-stained rags that I had in our rag-bag...but, well you know -- those fabric sheets have to be PRETTY!

This is so EASY to make...just pick a scent... I used a cheap .99 cent bottle of VO5 Strawberry Hair Conditioner! Dump the whole entire bottle in a big bowl...

Add a cup of white vinegar and 3 quarts of water to it!

Mix it all together, put your cut up fabric-rags in and store it in a large plastic container... then when you're ready to use...just take one out- wring it out a little and viola'! VERY CHEAP FABRIC SOFTENER! I'm not sure how many loads this will go through...but it has to be a lot cheaper then buying store bought Downy! smile, wink, nod! Plus it was fun to make!

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Anonymous said...

what a neat idea!!! - Janet M